…the theatrics of J-rock, the melancholic nostalgia of Visual Kei, and the soundtrack accompanying the most stirring scene from your favorite anime.

Rockus Maximus March 7 2015

“We try to write songs that make us feel the same as the most moving scenes from our favorite anime. We want to convey, through the band’s music and presentation, that S.S. HANAMI is as much an anime as it is a band. Our songs are the soundtrack.” ~Robert Adams, vocalist

S.S. HANAMI first took the stage at Chibi-Pa Festival 2009 where they immediately garnered attention for their theatrical J-rock and anime inspired sound. Notably, a number of their songs also featured the koto, a traditional Japanese harp, which founding member Robert Adams took up playing after he heard it in an anime soundtrack.

Following several line-up changes, S.S. HANAMI assumed its ultimate form in 2011 with Nat Morkan on guitar, James Brinkle Jr. on bass, and Andrew Wiggins on drums. Having become by then a fixture of the Florida geek community and anime convention circuit, the band released its first CD — Original Soundtrack, Season One — in June 2012. Immediately afterwards, they announced the beginning of “Season Two” and began writing their second CD, which would later be titled FICTITIOUS.

In the summer of 2015, S.S. HANAMI embarked on a month-long tour up the East Coast of the United States and back, from their home state of Florida to as far North as Providence, Rhode Island — culminating in a milestone Fourth of July performance on Staten Island, New York City. Having encountered, every step of the way, new listeners with whom their music and concept resonated, the band returned home with renewed vigor to begin working on their next release. The end of the tour marked the beginning of “Season Three.”

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