‘AMV Contest’ Winners Announced!!!

Greetings everyone! Robbi from S.S. HANAMI here, at your service~ (*^_^)ノ⌒*`*`*

I hope that everyone survived Pink Friday in one piece (Black Friday sounds far too dreary! =P) As for yours truly, I barricaded my windows, hid under my covers, and had myself a marathon of Johnny Depp movies (can two movies be considered a “marathon”?)

Er… anyway, it was great seeing some of you at Chibi-Pa last weekend, and we’re grateful to everyone who was able to make it to our performance! If it weren’t for you, we’d be playing for an empty room, and that’d be no fun at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Catch us again next month at HOLIDAY MATSURI (DECEMBER 14-16) in Orlando, FL — for tickets, hotel info, directions, or more information, go to www.holidaymatsuri.com

And speaking of Holiday Matsuri, we have two WINNERS to announce, who each won one free weekend pass by virtue of their superb AMV-skills! Thanks to everyone who participated in our AMV Contest; we sat down as a band and watched every entry. The criteria we took into consideration when choosing our First Place and Runner Up were: ingenuity, editing, creativity, how well the song complimented the selected anime, and entertainment value.

So without further ado… *drum rolllllll* …here is the First Place AMV — Callipolis by “Ocean M.”

Aaaaannnnd our Runner Up is — Yukimi by “Mariah G.”

Thanks again to everyone who entered and STAY TUNED because we hope to make a habit out of contests like this. Seeya next month in ORLANDO! \(^O^)/ *dramatic arena-esque reverb*

<3 Robbi, Andrew, James, and Nat

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