Free S.S. HANAMI Show, Prizes for Best Costumes

S.S. HANAMI will be playing a Free Show at The Geek Easy, Orlando’s premiere geek-themed bar/lounge, on Saturday, January 24, with the phenomenal Architects of Fear and My Dearest Friend.
As usual, the band is encouraging fans to attend the concert in cosplay, dressed as their favorite characters from anime or comics, and will be giving away prizes for the best costumes.
There’s nothing formal to sign up for… just show up looking your best!
Winners get to pick from our selection of prizes, which includes gift cards, t-shirts, CDs, and (for those with a morbid inclination) a book of Japanese Death Poems. 😛

Doors are listed as 8:00pm, but the bar and lounge will be open all afternoon. It’ll be a night to remember~
Visit the Facebook Event Page

Jan 24 The Geek Easy

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