April 1, 2013

Greetings S.S. HANAMI fans!!! This is Robbi, with your April edition of SAKURA ZENSEN. First off, Thank You to everyone who watched our performance(s) at the Japanese Culture Festival, whether you specifically went out of your way to see us, or just happened to be there.
Now, before we get into show announcements and other band-related business, I have an important announcement to make:

I really, really love Science! And I say this not only because I grew up wanting to be Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, but also because Science has given me the gift of being able to see one of my lifelong dreams come to fruition. Thanks to the A-list nanotechnology researchers at ISIS (and their *cough* moral flexibility *cough cough* when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the human genome) I am thrilled beyond belief to report that yours truly has become the first recorded instance of splicing genuine, fully functional bunny ears onto a human being! And if that weren’t cool enough, they also gave me my very own fluffy rabbit tail… for FREE (well, for “some unspecified future favor,” but I can’t imagine that it’ll be too much trouble).
Because the bunny ears are fully integrated into my central nervous system, they actually have feeling in them and are surprisingly sensitive. Therefore, I’ll have to ask that you *please* don’t sneak up behind me and pull them. (The same goes for my tail~) Thank you in advance! :3

Thank you ISIS

Thank you ISIS

















In other news, we’ve just updated the SHOWS section of sshanami.com with several new events. For starters, we will be appearing with My Dearest Friend this Saturday, April 6, at Taco & Tequila in Downtown Cocoa. Check out the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE or the SHOWS section for details and directions. That show is FREE and starts at 8:00pm.

In conclusion, I hope that you all have a fantastic April. Oh, but before I go… part of the deal for the ears & tail was that I’d regularly plug ISIS in our newsletters. So, if there are any persons in good health who’d be willing to waive some of their human rights and subject themselves to a small modicum of danger in exchange for the exciting possibility of having their very own fully functional <<insert cute animal here>> ears and tail, contact the ISIS Applied Research Department at ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
Trust me, it’s really a small price to pay in exchange for being a part of such groundbreaking research. (And I still haven’t gotten tired of watching my ears twitch in the mirror when I dry my hair…)


( . .)

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