Cherry blossoms in October

Hey everyone. I hope that you’re having a great October — it’s my favorite season of the year! S.S. HANAMI has two shows coming up this month. First, we’ll be performing this upcoming Saturday (Oct 12) at the Suncoast CGA Show in Ft. Myers, FL. Go to for details!

Second, the Grand Brony Gala invited us back to perform at their Once Upon A Night Mare Masquerade on Saturday, October 26. Tickets will go up to $15 on Oct 12. Also, you can’t purchase tickets at the door for this one — so get your ticket beforehand to be on the “Guest List.” Go to for details and to purchase your ticket.

Well, that’s about it for now. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in the world of S.S. HANAMI — we’re rehearsing our new songs like crazy and putting on the finishing touches before we head to the studio next month to record them. Also, Nat and I just spent about 4 hours pinning silver vines onto my costume for a photoshoot tomorrow. So… til next time! =]

Trying to find a way to transport "cherry blossoms" for our photoshoot

Trying to find a way to transport “cherry blossoms” for our photoshoot


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