Delinquent Flair

Robbi here with a life and music update: I’d originally planned to release a solo koto CD in November, but I’ve decided to postpone it so that I can improve my playing and take the summer koto program at the Seiha school in Tokyo. I’m still hosting the Koto and Absinthe event at Anime Iwai: Soar in November (and I’m SOOO excited about that! :D) though I’m likely not going to perform before then so that I can focus on my technique.

As for S.S. HANAMI, there’s an interested bassist, but we’re still looking for a guitarist. (Please continue to keep an eye out for me!) In the meantime, I’m working with some musicians to record our song “Live From the Deep Web.” It’s close to completion.

I’ve been debating on whether to rename the band. I haven’t been crazy about the name S.S. HANAMI for a long time, and I figure that now is a good time to rebrand. I dunno though. My top contender for a new name was Delinquent Flair but I also liked the name Confamous for a while, lol.

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