The day has finally arrived — we’re thrilled to announce the release of our single FICTITIOUS, from our upcoming album of the same name. You can download the song for free from our Soundcloud. We also filmed a fun music video for the song:

You can read the lyrics HERE

(A special thanks to author Laird Barron for allowing us to use imagery from his stories in our video. Filmed by Logan Moore, with a lot of help from Michael Hildebrandt.)

As we said in our previous newsletter, thank you all for your patience and support. The smiles, the kind words after shows, the faces we see singing along with our songs — we are truly grateful.
We also owe tremendous gratitude to Gerry King at Skylab Studios — he recorded, mixed, and mastered the song, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Lastly, over the period of time during which I wrote the lyrics for FICTITIOUS, I was reading the work of authors H.P. Lovecraft, Laird Barron, Thomas Ligotti, and Arthur Machen, among others. I couldn’t resist including this quotation from the venerable HPL:

“Now all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large. To me there is nothing but puerility in a tale in which the human form—and the local human passions and conditions and standards—are depicted as native to other worlds or other universes. To achieve the essence of real externality, whether of time or space or dimension, one must forget that such things as organic life, good and evil, love and hate, and all such local attributes of a negligible and temporary race called mankind, have any existence at all.”
(Letter to Farnsworth Wright, 5 July 1927)

We hope you enjoy the new song!!!

~Robin, Nat, Jimmy, and Andrew

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