Helllllloooo fellow con-goers and S.S. HANAMI enthusiasts!!! It’s that time of year — the cool Autumn stillness in the air, the beauty and melancholy that accompany the transience of the changing seasons, and of course CHIBI-PA Anime and Japanese Culture Festival!!!!! \(-ㅂ-)/

And, yes, Chibi-Pa has graciously invited S.S. HANAMI back to perform this year. We play THIS Saturday (Nov 17) @ 3:00 in Main Events. Line up outside the doors early so you get a good seat 😉 (not to mention it just plain makes us feel better when there’s a long line outside the door =P)

As many of you know, Chibi-Pa was where we got our start three years ago, in 2009. So come and bask in the sepia-hued nostalgia with us. This year, Chibi-Pa is located at the Doubletree by Hilton in Deerfield Beach, FL. Directions, details, event schedule, etc. are at — it’s $35 for a weekend pass or $25 for Saturday only. Hotel info is available on the site as well.

Before I go, a BIG thanks to everyone who submitted entries to our S.S. HANAMI AMV Contest. We’ll be judging those within the next couple of weeks and get back to you asap with the winners. (^.^)/”””””’

Seeya at the con! If you wanna find me to hang out (or just to tell me how awesome our new songs are), look for a sleep-deprived but most-likely spastic Shuichi scouring the labyrinthine dealer’s room or the twisting corridors of the con hotel for the slightest trace of the first snow (in Florida, no less!) desperately calling out 由貴 由貴 由貴~~~~!!! at the top of his lungs.


photo by Dezmaralla Nowell

~Robbi, James, Andrew, Nat

 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴 由貴~~~~!!!

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