On the Bridge of Averoigne ~^(°,,,°)^~

Hiya, Robin here from S.S. HANAMI, with this month’s cherry-blossom forecast.
It’s Friday night, and Nat just left my house where, for the past couple of days, we’ve been writing new songs. We’re aiming to hit up the recording studio by the end of the year. A couple of the new tracks have a decidedly medieval feel to them, which is something that didn’t really appear on last season’s soundtrack. Blame Game of Thrones? Skyrim?

Regardless, this upcoming Tuesday, July 16, we’ll be performing with the always-dashing My Dearest Friend at The 321 Local in Cocoa, FL as part of Dreaming God Productions Presents: A Night of Art and Music.
Twelve original artists will be displaying their work, and three bands will be performing. There’s NO COVER CHARGE, but if you purchase any artwork at the show, you’ll automatically be entered into a Customer Appreciation Raffle.
Say hi on the FACEBOOK event page and let us know you’ll be coming out. =) Oh, and please tell any friends you think might be interested — it’s going to be a great night~

321 Art Show July 16, 2013

Well, before I head off for the weekend to read Clark Ashton Smith and play System Shock 2, here’s a video someone took of Nat and I surprising BelleCon 2013 attendees with an unplugged version of Eternal Autumn at closing ceremonies. Enjoy, and til next time…

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