Update from Robbi

drawn by Toren Fischer

drawn by Toren Fischer

Hi, Robbi here. This is our first post since the announcement that I was seriously injured and would have to cancel our Spring Tour due to my being hospitalized in critical condition.

First, I’d like to reassure you that if there was any way I could have still gone on tour in spite of my injuries, I would have. I’m haunted by the possibility of disappointing listeners as well as the bands and venues we’d made arrangements with. And I’m being completely honest when I say that I was (and am) more upset about having to cancel tour than about… well, nearly dying. Hah. That might be an unreasonable mindset, but it’s truly how I feel.

Second, a tremendous Thank You to every person who left a kind comment or message, said something nice, sent a card, drew an illustration of me, or thought of me. A special thanks to Joshua for writing up the post about my condition and for taking it upon himself to contact the venues and other bands while I was still in the hospital. Thanks to my Mom for coming over and taking care of me after I was released. Thanks to John and Mike at Lundyville for their fundraiser to help with my medical bills and to my friend Logan for starting an extremely helpful gofundme. Thanks to everyone who contributed. And thanks to the other three members of S.S. HANAMI for their understanding and support.

Third and last, here are some lyrics from the song EVER, by GACKT (translated from the original Japanese by amaia) —
“If you can smile at your pain, and stand up
even your weakness from up until now will vanish.
Let your heart burn so that no one can extinguish it…
Keep fighting until you rot away…
Soar higher and higher until you burn to nothing.”


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